How do you think $1 wireless doorbell and YIROKA’s?

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

“I want to buy $1 wireless doorbell”

“Need a cheaper doorbell, $1.50 or $2.0”

“I want a low budget one”

“I need for 1.0 Usd”

These requirements are from Alibaba.

John needs a low budget one, about $1.


Habiba needs a $1 wireless doorbell.


Dennis needs a $1.5~$2.0 wireless doorbell.

dennis wireless doorbell

And you? also a $1 wireless doorbell.

If yes, please continue to read the contents.

I bought 3 types of $1.0~$2.0 wireless doorbells in last week.


$1.22(¥8.0), $1.27(¥8.5), $1.87(¥13)

These prices are I bought in 1688. Because I find these types are selling well in the online market. Let me show you the buying record first.

wireless doorbell sample is 15rmb

If I buy one sample, the unit price is ¥15. ¥10 is a shipping cost for it. So the total cost is ¥25.

I will open them one by one to show you what it is inside. “YOU WILL LOVE IT!”

Firstly, We open the $1.22 wireless doorbell.

¥8 wireless doorbell

This kind of package is easy for the store to sell. I like it. And we can see the simple instruction on the back of the wireless doorbell.

After take-off the instruction paperboard, we can see:

  • Transmitter: 1PCS
  • Battery Receiver: 1PCS(without batter)
  • 12V23A Battery: 1PCS
  • 3M Adhesive: 1PCS

¥8 wireless doorbell list

Check the Transmitter PCBA below:


  1. THIS IS NOT FIBERGLASS, IT’S PAPERBOARD material, the worst PCB material.
  2. The soldering doesn’t follow up IPC-A-610E.
  3. NO IC, NON-RoHS Tin. It’s easy to stop working.

Check the receiver below:


Hypothesis, I am not a professional guy. When I screw out, I see the plastic is broken.


I don’t do anything. After open this, If you are an engineer, you will understand how is this wireless doorbell. I can’t criticize this product.

Let me install the 2 x AA LR6 1.5V battery into the receiver.


I want to test the distance now. Check the video that I test. the distance is less than 20cm.

What does this wireless doorbell for? I think it’s for kids’ toys. I don’t want to test this product more, throw it in the trash box.

So go to the second one $1.27


This is a Plug-in wireless doorbell. We will test it in the same way.

I will not open the transmitter. Because this transmitter is the same as the $1.2′.

I only open the receiver.


Back of the receiver PCBA


  1. This PCB material is very dangerous for high-voltage. AC110v-260v
  2. This PCB design has no protection. No overvoltage protection. when your home voltage is not stable. this doorbell will be stopping working.
  3. NON-RoHS material
  4. No IC

Now I am testing the distance, very interesting. When my colleague Kevin sticks the transmitter on the door. then the receiver doesn’t work. if he leaves it out the door, then the receiver works.

May I know where I will stick it after I buy it?

If one doorbell transmitter can’t work after stick it on the door. I don’t want to test the distance.

The third wireless doorbell, $1.87. Better? We will see it.


Check the transmitter below:


If you pay a little more, so the quality will be better. Looks like better, At least we can see the antenna.

Check the receiver below:

$1.87 wireless doorbell receiver

Looks like better, We install 2PCS LR03 AAA1.5V Battery, then test the distance.

$1.87 wireless doorbell AAA Battery

The distance seems not bad. But the issue is a single PCB layer. If you use a single PCB layer, it will cause the signal.

I also go to check the sales volume on Amazon.

fbm wireless doorbell

You will see that. I don’t why 0 Mo. Sales if one product is very good.

Do you want to buy them? I am not sure. If you just want to test it, you can order one as I do. But I had already help you to save time.

Go to check Yiroka’s wireless doorbell

yiroka doorbell

Yiroka’s wireless doorbell quality isn’t bad. The design is nice also. Yiroka makes the wireless doorbell for more than 10 years. So they have enough experience in the wireless doorbell field.

I know their quality is not bad before I order 2 samples from I also have to open the plastic, then share the PCBA to you.

Button PCBA


Forgive me the photo isn’t clear, because I take this photo in the evening. This design is nice, but I can’t understand they use this small battery. If using this small battery, the signal is not strong. That’s the only problem.

Receiver PCBA

yiroka receiver pcba

You can see many resistances, IC, etc. Even if I don’t know how it works. But the electronic components are much more than the $1 doorbell. So I prefer to buy good quality with more electronic components.

On the whole, Yrioks’s wireless doorbell quality is not bad, but it’s not the best. If you want to place the order to Yiroka. But there are 3 issues you have to meet below:

  1. Price: If they use good quality plastic material and good quality electronic components, so the price is higher, you have to evaluate the profit and sales volume. Because the end buyers always compare the price.
  2. Delivery time: Usually, the sample delivery time is about 2 weeks. Mass production delivery time is about 30-45 days, sometimes, the delivery time is longer. I don’t think this is a big quantity issue, I think it’s a company management problem.
  3. After-sales service: Some of my clients told me they don’t answer messages within a time of resignation.


If you want to do a wireless doorbell business, and you don’t want to order $1~$2 wireless doorbell, How to solve 3 issues(Price, Delivery time, After-sales service) what we meet usually.

Go to Nurbenn Wireless doorbell Manufacturer

Firstly, I will tell you why you have to do the wireless doorbell business.


See the Google Trends for “wireless doorbell”. It’s rising up.

Second, I visited 30+ wireless doorbell companies in the past 2 months. You can read that article: The best wireless doorbell manufacturer in China.

Third, In the same way, we open Nurbenn wireless doorbell plastic, check the PCBA.

Nurbenn button pcba

I can see a 23A 12V battery. So it can give high power to the signal. Let’s test the signal.

I tested many 433.96MHz curves for different company’s wireless doorbell. This one is the best. Some of my customers test Nubrenn wireless doorbell. They said the distance from the receiver, It’s about 300M.


I also like Nurbenn design, Let’s show you the reason. Check the emitter photo below:


  • I can see the installation direction.
  • I can stick my company information in the label sticker area.
  • If I can see the screw mark, I know I can screw it through there.
  • Waterproof silicone ring: IP67.

I don’t have any reason why I don’t like it. Pls, see their official website banner.


When I install my transmitter on the out of the wall. I’m also afraid someone will take it away. I really like this design.

Let’s see the receiver

nurbenn receiver


Now, let’s summarize all the information below

PriceCheaperA little more expensiveModerate price
SignalThe worstSometimes, it’s unstableGood
Delivery timeFast45 daysFaster
After-sales serviceNo after-sales serviceSometimes, It’s not easy to get the answer from themEasy, 7×24 Hours


So I think you will know how to find a good wireless doorbell supplier.

Anyway, You can read: 7 Best Products to Sell at Christmas, then you will also know what products you have to sell.

I wish you can earn $10 million after you read this article.

Hello, I’m Yan Sir, the author of this article.
I have been doing online marketing for almost 6 years. I have good luck and achieved financial freedom. I am currently studying more ways to make money at home full-time.
In the process of studying, I found that there are almost no high-quality Chinese resources on the Internet. I know that novices need to experience painful struggles to get started, so I created Inquiry and wrote this article to share with you what I know.

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