How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of the wireless doorbell?

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
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China is the biggest manufacturer in the world. If you want to sell products, you have to purchase products from china.

According to data released in 2017 by the state administration for industry and commerce, which was merged into the state administration for market regulation this year, there were 29.0723 million registered entities on the Chinese mainland as of the end of September 2017.

“How to find a reliable wireless doorbell supplier?”

1. Let us know why we have to do the wireless doorbell business

door bell manufacturing compan

There is a trend from Google.


We can see the curve is on the rise. It means more and more users are searching wireless doorbell, maybe they want to install it when they move to a new apartment.

So we have to sell the wireless doorbell to them.

2. How to find a reliable wireless doorbell supplier?


“Most of company do trading business, they have an alibaba online store.”

wireless doorbell alibaba

After search keyword: wireless doorbell. then you will see a variety of different products.

alibaba wireless doorbell

then click “Contact Supplier”, send inquiry to the supplier. You can also review supplier information below:

Trade Assurance

nurbenn trade assurance

If the Alibaba supplier has trade assurance, so you can pay the products via trade assurance, so you don’t worry about your fund issue. after you paying the fund to Alibaba via trade assurance, the fund is in Alibaba center before you confirm the order.

After you receive the products you ordered, then you can confirm the order. then the money will be released by trade assurance.

Anyway, if you have some issues after receiving the products, you can talk with the supplier by Alibaba first.


You can also see how many years the supplier activated Alibaba Golden supplier.

You can see the image above, Nurbenn activated Alibaba golden supplier for 1 year. Because Nurbenn was doing Amazon and eBay market 1 year ago.

2.2 Alibaba RFQ

alibaba rfq

2.3 Google

You can search: Chinese wireless doorbell manufacturer -alibaba -made-in-china -dhgate -amazon.

google search wireless doorbell

why we search it, need to use: -alibaba -made-in-china -dhgate -amazon.

-alibaba, it means we don’t need the search result about Alibaba’s website from Google.

-made-in-china, it means we don’t need the search result about the made-in-china website from Google.

-dhgate, it means we don’t need the search result about dhgate website from Google.

-amazon, it means we don’t need the search result about the Amazon website from Google.

If you don’t want to see other search result from Google, you can use: “-xxxxx”.

You can search the good information if you use google formula.

2.4 Exhibition

The easy way, come to HongKong electronics exhibition. You can register an HKTDC member. There’re 2 exhibitions every year in Hongkong for electronics exhibition.

hktdc exhibitor

You also can go to your local exhibition. but you can find too many suppliers in the HongKong exhibition. Hongkong is close to Shenzhen, there’re too many Shenzhen company come to Hongkong for showing.

2.5 SNS

Like Linkedin

wireless doorbell linkedin

You can search: wireless doorbell, then you can contact the sales manager or their owner.

Anyway, you can also use other SNS platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

3. How do you verify that they are reliable?

3.1 Order products via Alibaba trade assurance, if the quality is bad, you can request the supplier return your money back.

3.2 Ask the supplier to send the product certification to you.

3.3 Check the supplier sales’ email. they should be used company email. not,,,, etc.

3.4 Check their company registration information.


Search your supplier Chinese name on that website, you will see the company is still activated or not.

If yes, you can also see their company address, Owner, etc.

In that website, It’s the Chinese Language, if you need help, I can help you to verify your supplier information.

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