How to get from Shenzhen to Zhuhai by ferry?

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  • Author: JAX ZHANG

Traveling is always exciting, It can help you relieve stress and broaden your knowledge. I think it will definitely help your business do better in the end. If you are doing the wireless driver module, You can visit HeiGlow brand website. Shenzhen and Zhuhai are coastal cities. So let Jax show you how to get from Shenzhen to Zhuhai by ferry.

shenzhen shekou to zhuhai jiuzhou ferry
1. Where are the Shenzhen and Zhuhai?

zhuhai and shen map

2. We go to Zhuhai from Shenzhen by car, It will take 2.5hours.

shenzhen to zhuhai by car

3. We’d like to go to Zhuhai by ferry directly.

shenzhen to zhuhai by ferry

How to go to Zhuhai Jiuzhougang from Huaqiang north by ferry?

Step1. Line2 by metro(You can save it as an image and enlarge it.)

shenzhen metro map

From Huaqiang north to Shekou port

Step2. Go to Shekou Ferry Terminal on foot or by taxi.

shekou port to ferry

Until now, You reach Shekou Ferry.

Then I will share ticket information as below:

Shenzhen to Zhuhai Ferry Schedules

Departure TimeDeparture TerminalArrival TerminalArrival Time
7:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)8:30
8:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)9:00
8:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)9:30
9:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)10:00
9:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)10:30
10:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)11:00
10:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)11:30
11:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)12:00
11:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)12:30
12:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)13:00
12:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)13:30
13:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)14:00
13:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)14:30
14:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)15:00
14:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)15:30
15:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)16:00
15:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)16:30
16:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)17:00
16:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)17:30
17:00Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)18:00
17:45Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)18:45
18:15Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)19:15
18:45Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)19:45
19:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)20:30
20:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)21:30
*21:30Shekou Ferry TerminalZhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)22:30

Zhuhai to Shenzhen Ferry Schedules

Departure TimeDeparture TerminalArrival TerminalArrival Time
8:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal9:00
8:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal9:30
9:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal10:00
9:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal10:30
10:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal11:00
10:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal11:30
11:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal12:00
11:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal12:30
12:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal13:00
12:15Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal13:15
13:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal14:00
13:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal14:30
14:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal15:00
14:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal15:30
15:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal16:00
15:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal16:30
16:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal17:00
16:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal17:30
17:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal18:00
17:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal18:30
18:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal19:00
18:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal19:30
19:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal20:30
20:00Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal21:00
20:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal21:30
*21:30Zhuhai Ferry Terminal (Jiuzhou Port)Shekou Ferry Terminal22:30


  • This schedule is for reference only.
  • Ferry Ticket Price: RMB125 Economy, RMB62 (Senior Citizens & Children) Economy, RMB115 Student Ticket
  • ClassShenzhen Shekou→ Zhuhai JiuzhouZhuhai Jiuzhou→ Shenzhen Shekou
    Individual tickets¥125.00¥125.00
    Adult first class¥155.00¥155.00
    Adult VIP cabin¥185.00¥185.00
    Child / Senior ticket¥62.00¥62.00
    Student ticket¥115.00¥115.00
    The residual ticket¥62.00¥62.00
  • Distance and Duration: about 25 nautical miles between Shenzhen and Zhuhai, the ferry takes around 60 minutes;
  • The last flight(* 21:30 pm) only available at each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the day before public holidays, and on the public holidays.
  • Announcement for Macau travelers: Free buses are available from Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port to Gongbei Port every half an hour. So if you want to travel from Shenzhen to Zhuhai first, then go to Macau later, you may take the free bus. If you do not want to stay in Zhuhai, you can also take the direct ferry from Shenzhen Shekou to Macau.
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