How is the CACAZI doorbell?


What is adobell brand wireless doorbell?

When I met my first friend in 2013. He is deaf. His name is Julio. and want me to help him design a nice wireless doorbell with colorful function. In 2013, I(Jax) was a product engineer at that time. If you are doing a wireless doorbell product, you will like this product also. “Since the […]

The best wireless doorbell manufacturer in China

You have to find a Chinese supplier if you want to sell products online or offline. Because China is a big manufacturing country in the world. For example, if you want to sell a wireless doorbell on amazon or in your retailer shop. You have to find Chinese wireless doorbell manufacturers. Firstly, Jax will tell […]

How about ADOBELL X-10 wireless doorbell

Wireless doorbell is very useful for everywhere. For example: In the hospital, At School, At home(Apartment), villadom, Office, and more. You don’t need to drill the hole as we install the wired doorbell. You can see it’s very easy to install the doorbell transmitter within 3 seconds in the video. This is why the wireless […]

How do you think $1 wireless doorbell and YIROKA’s?

“I want to buy $1 wireless doorbell” “Need a cheaper doorbell, $1.50 or $2.0” “I want a low budget one” “I need for 1.0 Usd” These requirements are from Alibaba. John needs a low budget one, about $1. Habiba needs a $1 wireless doorbell. Dennis needs a $1.5~$2.0 wireless doorbell. And you? also a $1 wireless doorbell. If yes, please […]

How to work wireless doorbell with multiple receivers

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