RJ45 standard CEI IEC 60603-7-5(PDF)

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

Are you looking for RJ45 standard connector?

Yes? Please come here.

If you need a standard RJ45 connector for your project, you need to find a supplier who can make RJ45 connector according to RJ45 IEC standard firstly.

Jax makes a standard RJ45 connector for HIKVISION and dahua,TP-LINK。dahua hikvision tp-link

We need to follow RJ45 IEC standard strickly. Because of each dimension is very important, It affects video connectivity. What is the RJ45 standard? The standard is “CEI IEC 60603-75”.


“CEI IEC 60603-7-5”

CEI-IEC-60603-7-5-PDFThere are 200 pages IEC standard file, Please click the PDF image on the right.

IEC is the International Electrotechnical Commission. Please go to Page 30-35. We can see the fixed connector main dimension as below.

There are AH1, B1, K1, T1, W1, S1, AK1.

If you make a wrong dimension, So it makes the connection imperfect.

Let us check the main dimensions first.

IEC RJ45 standard

There are data as below.

RJ45 standard

Yes, this is a standard shape, maybe your shape is not the same, but never mind. We make a different shape for our camera project.


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