The best wireless doorbell manufacturer in China

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

You have to find a Chinese supplier if you want to sell products online or offline. Because China is a big manufacturing country in the world. For example, if you want to sell a wireless doorbell on amazon or in your retailer shop. You have to find Chinese wireless doorbell manufacturers.

Firstly, Jax will tell you where you will find the Chinese supplier.

“Where do Foreign buyers look for suppliers”

  2. Aliexpress
  4. Global sources
  5. Made-in-china
  6. DH Gate
  7. HKTDC
  8. International Tradeshows
  9. Trade show directory sites
  10. Google Search
  11. Forums
  12. Social
  13. Media recommendations

I think you know most of these channels. But I am not sure you know, this is the Chinese local supplier marketplace.

You just input the product keywords name, then search it. You will find many local Chinese suppliers. If you don’t know Chinese keywords of your product, you can use Google Translate:

google translate

But we’re not teaching how to use 1688 today. Come back to our title: the best wireless doorbell manufacturer in China.

google trends for wireless doorbell

You can collect the Chinese wireless doorbell manufacturer list according to the channel above. Then you have to talk with all the manufacturers one by one, and you also need to verify the company.

“What we need to verify the manufacturers”

What are Foreign Buyers Thinking When selecting a New Supplier?

  1. Supplier Type(Factory, Trading Company, Sourcing Agent, Freight Forwarder&QC)
  2. Credibility&Reputation, Age, Specialism
  3. Honesty and Integrity
  4. Reasonable Price
  5. Good Quality
  6. Good Communication
  7. Ease of Doing business
  8. Quality Certifications(ISO, CE, RoHS, FCC, REACH, etc.)
  9. Familiarity with the Export market and Economic situation

I collected 30+wireless doorbell manufacturers in China, most of the manufacturers are in Shenzhen. Maybe you know Forrinx, YIROKA, linptech, Augreener, Advent, and Nurbenn also.

I went to their factory and test the quality. So I can share the test result here.


forrinx logo
In fact, the wireless doorbell isn’t their main product, they focus on security product, but produce wireless doorbell. They have their own development capabilities, for example, Injection machine, engineer. But the cost is higher. If you don’t mind the cost, and you can sell any price product, I think you can try to work with them.

I like their products, but I don’t like their cost. lol.

forrinx wireless doorbell

yiroka logo
It’s a professional wireless doorbell factory in Shenzhen, they only produce wireless doorbell. You can find the wireless doorbell that you are looking for easily on their own website.

yiroka wireless doorbell

They also have 10+ buttons and 20+ receivers, products are not bad, price is a little cheaper than Forrinx. I also want to order 10pcs samples for me to try to sell on Amazon. But that created the problems.

  • Long delivery: Even if sample delivery, needs 2 weeks; if mass production, I have to wait 45 days. 1 year=360days=8*45days. This is why I can’t order them because I need to spend too much time to wait for products, then I have to FOB Amazon.
  • MOQ1000: Electronic products are changing fast now, I can’t keep more than 1000Pcs in stock, and It’s taking my fund also.

And I also want to make a little minor change for me to sell on Amazon. It’s difficult for them to change the mold. And if you want to develop a new product, It’s also difficult for them to make molds, because they don’t have mold engineers.

linptech logo
linptech is located in Wuhan. They main produce the self-powered wireless doorbell and self-powered module.
linptech self-powered doorbell

You can’t find other visual design except for the photos what I take. I think they main sell self-powered technology. And the main issue the price is higher.

It’s very difficult for you to do OEM.

Augreener logo
Augreener has a strong technology for self-powered wireless doorbell also. So they not only sell wireless doorbell but also sell other self-powered products.
Augreener wireless doorbell

Other self-powered products: self-powered switch, self-powered bicycle taillight, self-powered socket. I think they have good technology and good products also. But how I can sell them? The best way they sell them by themselves.

advent logo
Advent and Augreener focus on the Chinese market I think. Advent has good technology on the wireless doorbell also. but they have less visual design also. Check them as below:

I’m not sure I can sell them well on Amazon or eBay. Their visual designs are almost the same. But I can become their brand agent If I want to do their products.

Nurbenn LOGO
I am interested in this company. I will show you the reasons.

Firstly, they choose a good domain: and, I think their boss knows marketing very well.

Secondly, they are a professional wireless doorbell manufacturer in Shenzhen, Pls see their front-door as below
shenzhen nurbenn wireless doorbell

Thirdly, You can find or select the product you sell on Amazon or eBay.

nurbenn wireless doorbell

I can share their wireless doorbell catalog at here: Nurbenn wireless doorbell Catalogue

Fourthly, they have more than 30+ visual design

nurbenn door bell

And they are developing new products every year.

Fifth, the price is cheaper than Forrinx and YIROKA and others. I think this’s the most important for me. and I can get a free sample within 2 days. NO MOQ. I also can laser LOGO on my product. Pls, see the laser machine.


Please forgive me, I’m not a photographer.

I also can share their product video as below:

Sixth, if you want to make a difference, yes. they can help you to do it. So it’s better for you to sell your own products, then make more profit.

Seventh, CE, RoHS2.0, CE-RED(R&TTE), FCC-ID, MIC(TELEC), 12V 23A Battery MSDS certification.
It’s very easy for you to do EU, USA, Japanese, Korea market. Because nurbenn passed these certifications. Let’s see the certification that they sent to me.

Anyway, Nurbenn doesn’t like Forrinx, So big company; not like YIROKA, established in 2006, Nurbenn established in 2010. But Nurbenn is a very professional wireless doorbell manufacturer.

Nurbenn front desk

If you are looking for a wireless doorbell manufacturer to make business in China. I recommend it to you. Let’s see some Amazon reviews from their amazon seller’s shop.

nurbenn amazon reviews

When I meet Nurbenn, It seems I meet $100,000. Because they really can help me make more profit. If you also want to make the next $100,000, I’m sure you already know how to make a decision.

Hello, I’m Yan Sir, the author of this article.
I have been doing online marketing for almost 6 years. I have good luck and achieved financial freedom. I am currently studying more ways to make money at home full-time.
In the process of studying, I found that there are almost no high-quality Chinese resources on the Internet. I know that novices need to experience painful struggles to get started, so I created Inquiry and wrote this article to share with you what I know.

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