2 ways to know my container vessel real-time location

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

China is the biggest manufacturing country in the world in which you can find almost all the commodities here at an attractive price.
From the United Nations trade data, it can be seen from the global transaction data of 2016 and 2017 that the United States is the country with the largest amount of exports, while the United States is a country with high-tech industry, and most of its exports are technology products, such as chips and software. Without the first place in the United States, the second place in China, so it is not difficult to see that China ranks first in commodity exports in the world.

Comtrade data
As an importer, in order to maximize profit, it is generally preferred to ship the goods from China to all parts of the world in containers. If you have a container at sea or are preparing to order a container for sea transportation, you may wonder which sea route my container will take? How long will it take to reach my port of destination? Now, where is the ship? Is there anything unusual?
Sometimes, in order to promote the festival activities, it is necessary to calculate the order time according to the shipping time and the shipping progress.
Below, JAX introduces 2 tools to query shipping progress and shipping time.
Before I begin, let me briefly explain a noun called AIS.
AIS: Automatic Identification System.AIS is similar to GPS, the detailed explanation can be seen in Wikipedia AIS, and the following 2 tools also obtain the position data of ships through AIS, and show us.
Don’t wait for anything. Let’s see what it is.

1. Marine Traffic

Website: https://www.marinetraffic.com
This website is very powerful, and you can check the progress of shipping according to the name of the ship you booked. For example, I recently had a batch of goods to be shipped through the shipping number: MOL TRUST.
We can check the shipping progress by the name of the ship:
Step 1: Go to the website and register an account
Because after registration, you can query for more details.
Enter the name of the ship: MOL TRUST

input vessel or port
Then press Enter.
Now we can see where the ship is.

SG SIN TO GB SOUStep 2, click Past Track
You can check the ship’s past route
One disadvantage of Marine Traffic is that it can only query the routes of the past 4 days, for example
We can only find the shipping route from 16th to 19th

vessel track
When we zoom in a little bit on the terminal, it looks like this

vessel map
It’s interesting to see where our vessel is, whether it’s at a standstill or in motion
Step 3, click Route Forecast
You can click it to check the forecast track.

Let’s move on to the second tool

2. http://www.shipxy.com/

This is a Chinese website, if you are unfamiliar with it, it doesn’t matter, next, I will use pictures and videos to tell you how to use it.
In fact, I think the only disadvantage of this software is the language problem for people who don’t know Chinese. However, in terms of usage and function, this tool is much better than Marine Traffic above.
Let’s use it. Let’s use the name of the ship, MOL TRUST
Step 1: sign up for an account
The registered address http://www.shipxy.com/home/Register

Step 2: login and enter the name of the vessel or port

Then click on the search on the right, and the ship’s information appears as follows

Step 3: query the shipping track of one month
Click: track

Select the first available date

Click: confirm
Click again: query

search MOL TRUST
You can see the trajectory of the ship over a month

full track
Since it is a Chinese interface, I especially recorded a small video. You can refer to the small video below to learn how to query my ship’s movement track at sea.

This is only show to test 09.19 to 10.19.

In fact, these 2 software have other more powerful functions. What we actually use more is to check the progress of the ship after our goods leave the port.
If you find it helpful, try it out or forward it to a friend or colleague.

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