7 Best Products to Sell at Christmas

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

If following BSR after Black Friday is to find out who is making the money in the 2019 peak season, then following the surge list of the 2019 Christmas season, and the keyword search trend of the products is to lay the foundation for the first battle of product selection in 2020!

Amazon’s list page is changing in real-time. Before Christmas, when buyers have placed their Christmas gift orders, we conducted a survey of the top products in 7 categories on Amazon’s website. Let’s find out what products sells well on Amazon for the 2019 Christmas season.

amazon best product

1. Category: Electronic Products

Key points: no Nintendo? Sell Nintendo’s accessories products, still HOT-SELL!

Since last year, Amazon has been gradually gaining a foothold in the electronic category, and the head of electronic BSR has been dominated by amazon’s proprietary products. On October 31 this year, Amazon announced that no third party could sell “Nintendo products” without permission, reinforcing its head monopoly on electronics.

Nintendo glass film

The seller listens, won’t let sell Nintendo? Sell the Nintendo accessories, such as Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Nintendo Switch Lite, and it’s still going strong!


Using JS plugins to run the data, we can see that the product, which was launched in June 2019, has been selling more than 4950 products every month. It has not been ranked in a single category in the Christmas season, and now it has rocketed to 56th place, ranking the fastest in the electronic category.

2. Category: PET

Key points: the product is ugly, the Listing is terrible, but this pet hair cleaning brush is selling like crazy.

Under the pet products category, unlike the high-tech pet products that were popular during black Friday, pet hair cleaning products are even more popular during the Christmas season. The category of pet products soared to the 6th place in the list of hairbrushes, from the category ranked 246th into the 93rd place, to know the higher the ranking, the more difficult to rise, so into the category of the Top 100 or very difficult.

pet hair remover

ASIN: B003465G9M

But, amazingly, Not only the product tagline is unusual — “It’s Not Pretty But It WORKS! ” which translates to “I’m Ugly But I’m good.” It also has an unusual Listing: the main photo is only two, and the 5-point description doesn’t add up to the title of any other Listing…

Using the JS plugin, I ran its Listing quality score, and the result was only 3…But the sales volume is as high as 8000+!

pet clean

Such as this kind of product, It depends on the long-time listing and greatly meets the needs of users + high cost to win, we can not only learn this listing.

3. Category: Sports and outdoor

Key points: Electric scooters, category surge list & new product list are listed.

Lightweight Electric Scooter, It has 10 reviews, and it has soared from 57,417 in the category to 128 in the category, with a soaring rate of 44,757%.

electric scooter


At the same time, it is also the first on the list of new products of outdoor sports, with monthly sales up to 3630 pieces!

the best scooter

The original price of this product is $1299, which is equivalent to a 30% discount on amazon. No wonder it is selling like crazy! This once again proves that behind every hot-sell is a carefully polished product and brand!


4. Category: Clothing

Key points: asymmetrical women’s style with a popular American and Asian.

Against version contracted joker, and have the details of the design feeling, such as a collar button, irregular skirt, is very practical and pockets, which currently sells for $25.99 the Uneven Hemline Hoody Shirt up very fast, from 1415 soared into the Top 200.

uneven shirt


However, there are 12 colors of this hoodie. What is the difference between sales before different colors? After running the JS plugin, we can see that the average sales volume of the parent ASIN is 7,274.

Uneven Hemline Hoody Shirt

5. Category: Patio, lawn, garden

Key points: garden spray pipe popular, category overall flat sales.

The top 10 of the Patio, Lawn & Garden category soaring list were basically covered by various protein powder and other nutritional supplements under the Optimum Nutrition brand, with over two or three thousand comments. As a result, Garden Water Hose, which ranked the sixth in the soaring list, was very impressive, ranking 292 in the category with nearly 3,000 monthly sales and only 167 reviews.

50ft grip


Compared to electronics or toys. Patio, Lawn & Garden, where the overall gift nature is weak, and seasonal factors (demand for garden-related products generally rises after winter), a couple of thousand is pretty good.

50ft Garden Water Hose

6. Category: kitchen

Key points: meat thermometer, BSR and surge double.

A Meat Thermometer not only is the surge in household kitchen categories list first but also at the same time is also Candy Thermometers & Timers’ small category contains the top Best Seller!

the best meat-thermometer


The product Listing includes pictures of Christmas elements, which are very appropriate.

habor thermometer

But if you thought this was a seasonal product for the Christmas season, you’d be wrong. By running the JS plugin to check the product’s historical sales, it turns out that sales peaked in April and November in 2018.

thermometer history data

At the same time, the JS web page version of the keyword search and ASIN the check function, input “meat thermometer” after data, can see the word search trends in the amazon platform. In fact, in November, December, and spring and summer outdoor barbecue season, meat thermometer search trends have been peak, not very seasonal products.


7. Category: TOY

Key points: sales of toy cars that don’t break are soaring, and educational toy searches are rising.

Surging toys category list, very eye-catching is a soaring rate up to 2626% of the Crashing & Transforming Vehicle. The toy car, which has soared from 1,881 to 69th place in the category, costs $23.93 and has only 89 reviews so far. Like to play with impact, like to hit the toy.

kids toy


Let’s search for data from JS.

demo duke

If you want to further browse the trend of gifts to children, can use JS web page version of the keyword search and ASIN the check function, input gift for kids (gifts for children), will find related words and science kits for kids (science) set, and the most popular “STEM toys” (STEM = Science Technology Engineering Mathematics, refers to a new generation of educational toys) “, and 90 days, compared to the same search trends are on the rise.

stem toys datas

Jax also recommends a kid gift: Kid camera.

According to the JS team, 13% of sellers offer the lowest discounts of the year in one week before Christmas, and December sales are 391% higher than average.

In addition, 64 percent of U.S. sellers said the December holiday season is more critical to them than the Black Friday, Cyber Monday holiday season because December is the link between the start and the end of the year and data are important in preparing for the coming year.

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