How about ADOBELL X-10 wireless doorbell

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

Wireless doorbell is very useful for everywhere. For example: In the hospital, At School, At home(Apartment), villadom, Office, and more. You don’t need to drill the hole as we install the wired doorbell.

You can see it’s very easy to install the doorbell transmitter within 3 seconds in the video.

This is why the wireless doorbell is very popular today. Let’s see Google Trends first.

“Google trends for wireless doorbell”

wireless doorbell google trends

If you want to buy the wireless doorbell, you can buy it in-store or online marketplace, like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, DHGate, etc.

I am an engineer, If I am interested in this product, I will buy many models from the different Chinese suppliers, then I will open the plastic to check the quality.

Pls, visit the link: $1~$2 wireless doorbell quality what we opened the plastic. I comment to them as toys. NOT PRODUCTS, CAN’T WORK AT ALL.

After I collected 30+ wireless doorbell manufacturers’ products in China, I can’t find the best one for me.

So I find the wireless doorbell senior engineer, who worked with wired and wireless doorbell for more than 25+ years.

I request him to help me develop a new wireless doorbell for the market. To solve many wireless doorbells issues.

He was working in a Taiwan company, make led lighting, doorbell. He told me there’re 4 important issues in the wireless doorbell products.

“#1. Transmitter Battery”

In the market, You can find 2 types of different battery doorbell transmitter. They are CR2032 and 12V 23A. Pls, see the picture below.

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