How to install Magento on SiteGround?

  • Updated on 04/02/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

Today, In 2019, Most of retailer or dealer, even if some distributors are doing their online shop now.

online shop

Maybe you are doing Amazon, ebay, Etsy, or design your online website by wordpress or shopify.

I guess you made too much money in the past year. but do you think some issues as below:

  • Amazon: For Professional account, you need to pay $39.99/month, and FBA cost, advertising expense, etc. The most important is that have too many competitors.
  • eBay: You also need to pay rent cost and listing cost, advertising expense. and more.
  • Etsy: you have to find a Niche product with handicraft, I think it’s difficult for the normal dealer to sell products on the platform.
  • WordPress+Woo Plugin: WordPress is a blog CMS system, but it can be worked with the woocommerce plugin, then you can sell products online. But WordPress is better for us to make a B2B website if you use it to make B2C, the website will slow and need a high-speed host.
  • Shopify: Basic Shopify, you need to pay $29/month. and you need to pay theme, plugin and more.

Jax did these platform in the past year, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress and more. when I did WordPress, I also used some host supplier, like:

  • aliyun: Chinese host
  • west: Chinese host
  • bluehost: USA host
  • Linode: USA VPS
  • SiteGround: Bulgaria host, NOT THE USA HOST

I find a new way to do online solution. That’s “Magento+SiteGround Host”. Why?

  1. I don’t need to pay rent cost, only host cost. no theme, plugin, etc
  2. I can do SEO by myself or my team, or outsourcing, So I don’t need to follow up platform rules.
  3. I can sell what I want, even if the sex product. lol
  4. After some time, you have some good post, content, so you have too many traffic automatically. At that time, we will call “Income after sleep”.
  5. SiteGround can help us to install Magento automatically within 2 minutes by his Softaculous tools.

You can read a simple post from SiteGround. But Jax thinks it’s too concise. Let Jax show you how to install Magento on the SiteGround host now.

1. Resolve your domain name to your SiteGround

I use namesilo, because it’s cheaper. visit your namesilo website, if you don’t have namesilo account, You can register a new namesilo account.

After you order a domain, then you will find your domain list.

namesilo find your domain

Click the number of your domains. maybe your number is “1”. Find the domain which you want to use for your online shop. For example, I choose “”, Click

Then find “DNS Records”, click “Update”

dns records

We need to get our host IP first. So Visit your SiteGround and log in it. You can register a new SiteGround account.

After login SiteGround, Click “My Accounts”.

then click Red button “Go to cPanel”

siteground cpanel

You will see IP is on the right of “IP Address”.

siteground ip

Copy that IP, then go to your namesilo cPanel again. Click “A”. then paste host IP as below.

resolve IP

2. Add Addon Domains for “”

If you only have one domain, you have to add a domain in the beginning. But if this is the second domain, you need to add this addon domain. Find “DOMAINS>>Addon Domains” as below.

Addon domains

Input domain “”, and input your Password that it’s FTP account password, need to keep it. then click “Add Domain”.

add addon domain

After click “Add Domain”, then come back to cPanel.

3. Activate SSL(https)

Go to your SiteGround cPanel, You will see “SECURITY>>Let’s Encrypt” as below.


Install new Let’s Encrypt Certificate for “”. Need to choose “Let’s Encrypt SSL”. This is FREE.

install let's encrypt

Follow the step, then go to cPanel again.

4. Install Magento

Go to cPanel, find “AUTOINSTALLERS>>Softaculous”


After you will see “Magento”, then click it.

install magento

Click the blue button “Install”.

install magento 1.9

Choose the latest version and your domain with SSL.

Choose magento version

Then set back end link, user name, password. You can keep it what system recommend.

Then, click “Install”. You can see the process.

After finishing it, you will see “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully”.

finish magento install

Now, You can log in back end to see it with user name and password.

magento back end

So you can upload theme and product list to sale online now.

This is why I like using SiteGround host to install Magento to make my B2C business online.

  • SimpleScript Softaculous
  • 7*24 serve
  • Host Fast
  • And more

If you want to buy a new host, you can try SiteGround. Or any other host, website, SEO, a Marketing issue. Pls leave me a message. I will help you.

Hello, I’m Yan Sir, the author of this article.
I have been doing online marketing for almost 6 years. I have good luck and achieved financial freedom. I am currently studying more ways to make money at home full-time.
In the process of studying, I found that there are almost no high-quality Chinese resources on the Internet. I know that novices need to experience painful struggles to get started, so I created Inquiry and wrote this article to share with you what I know.

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