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2020 is coming soon. Christmas and New Year are on the horizon. If you don’t want to miss out on $100,000 to sell kids’ cameras, Please read the whole article.


New Year’s usually serves as Christmas -lite but with much more alcohol and the needed ability to stay up past midnight. Whether you are throwing your party or attending an event, it is always good to get a few small gifts for your closest friends or kids to help encourage them as they take their next steps into the upcoming 2020.

New Year’s Eve represents a fresh slate, a new beginning for those who participate in the holiday festivities, and getting the right gift can be tricky.

You are probably are all shopped-out from Christmas and do not want to deal with any more of the holiday rush. Don’t worry, Well Done Stuff has got your back.


Christmas presents for kidsI am a 3-year baby’s father. He is smart. Last weekend, I took him to the supermarket. He is looking for a gift that he likes. In the supermarket, he sees the ball, toys, food, etc. I don’t know what he wants. Because when I was a baby, we didn’t play any football and toys. So I ask him to choose the best gift for him. He tells me he likes everything. Oh, my god. Do you want me to buy all the toys which are from the supermarket? I need to rent a truck for him.

But you can play them in the Children’s playground. It is an excellent opportunity for him to like and play it. So in the next 2 hours, he plays ball, toys, and make friends also. 2 hours later, he is tired, and we plan to go home after buying some food.

At this moment, We see too many shoppers were crowded together. Out of curiosity, we also go there and check what they happen. Sales are teaching the kids how does that product work, as too many shoppers, we can’t see what that gift product is. So we listen and check they show us. She said this is the best Christmas gift and new year gift. Every child deserves it. This is a kids camera. We never see this gift, and this is a perfect gift for parents to buy it for their kids. As a child, he had great curiosity. Let’s check the kid’s camera first.

DingDong, Dandandandan.

Look at it; this is a kids camera. It has two colors, pink and blue. If your kids are girls, you’d better buy a pink one; If your kids are boys, you’d better buy a blue one.

kids camera for children 2 year old gift

Let’s open the box and check what it has.

kids camera for children 2 year old gift

As a parent, if my kids like them, I will buy them, I buy two colors, one is for my son, another one is for his friend. Lol …… I need to teach him how to catch girls now — haha, joking.

music cards gifts

This is a real camera. It can take photos by themselves. Maybe you have a question, how to save pictures? Let’s see another photo; there is a 32G memory card that is inside the camera.

32G memory card inside camera

Let’s see the video about this camera first.

Maybe you can’t understand how to use this camera also. Let’s see another video; this video will show the function and teach us how to use it.

It is an excellent gift for kids. I like it. So I am looking for this kids’ camera manufacturer in 1688, Shenzhen, China. I want to resell them also. Lol……

In the beginning, I find 15+ kids camera factory. Still, when I go to their company, some of them are trading, they only sell this camera, this is not my target, I want to find manufacturer because I believe I can get a reasonable price from the manufacturer.

“shenzhen nurbenn technology co., ltd”

After I visited 15+ kids camera factory, I find Shenzhen Nurbenn technology Co., Ltd is an approved manufacturer. See their office door.

shenzhen nurbenn technology co., ltd

They have two brands for kids’ cameras; one is NURBENN, another one is Adobell. Because they produce wireless doorbell also. you can go to their website to check kids camera information: 2020 The best new year and Christmas gift

Are you interested in why I want to sell the kids’ camera? Maybe you also can sell this product at the end of every year.

Let me show you some data below.

1. Google trends

Website: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US

201811-201911 kids camera search data

Input keywords: kids camera, choose the “global” area, you can also select the country. You see the search result, from 2018.11 to 2019.11. The curve climbed up from July, especially November. Because of Christmas and New year is coming. So this gift is also for every kid. This is why you have to sell this gift now. NOT LATER. CAN’T WAIT.

We change the date from 2014-2019

2014-2019 kis camera search data

Wow, when I see this curve, I have no reason to do this kids’ camera product. Because I can sell and make fast money at the end of every year.

2. Alibaba search data

Alibaba is the biggest B2B marketplace in the world. So I can use Alibaba search data to analyze the market.

What are the customers searching for?

kids camera search

Top searched keywords trends

top searched keywords trends

Top referring keywords

kids camera top referring keywords

3. My Alibaba online marketplace inquiry.

My India customer doesn’t ask me the price, ask me the MOQ first. He needs kids camera urgently.

india customer need camera

My Cambodia customer needs Catalog; he wants to order one container, I think.

Cambodia need camera

One importer wants to get samples for testing.

importer wants to order samples

4. Amazon

amazon kids camera

184+ real reviews.

OK. So you find the best product, and you know why we need to sell them, I also help you find a good kids camera manufacturer in China.

The last question. Your price is too high.

We are purchasing products from China, So we say your price is too high usually. But what am I looking for?

I am looking for stable quality products and good service supplier. Let’s go back to this kids’ camera. This is a gift that we will give to our kids or friends.

Please think about a question.

When you get a gift freely from your father’s friend. It’s a kids camera. You like it. But it can’t be worked after using 2 weeks. How do you think about it and him? You have to thank him first, right? then? You will think this product is a poor quality product. Will you want to recommend this kids’ camera to your friends? I am sure you won’t do it.

Question: How will you sell them more? CAN’T.

I mean we aren’t looking for low price kids products, we are looking for stable quality kids camera gift for our kids.

I am an Engineer, and I open that kids camera, Please loot at it below.

What are you waiting for?

Leave me a message below; I will tell you the answer.

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