Top 10 Tools how to find keywords(Amazon and Google, etc)

  • Updated on 04/08/2019
  • Author: JAX ZHANG

In cross-border e-commerce, many people often ask me:

How to find keywords for product listing?

What are the available methods?

What are the recommended analysis tools?

In fact, there are too many such methods. Today I will introduce some commonly used methods to find keywords. I will also focus on explaining free keyword analysis tools. This article is very useful for mining your keywords, including writing bullet points and creating topic content.

#1. Sonar


I often recommend this analysis tool to everyone, because it is really very suitable for a green hand. As a free tool, the function can be said to be quite powerful,

The main features of Sonar are:

  • You can expand a lot of phrases related to it by entering keywords, such as: “wireless headphones”;
  • The green icon can roughly determine the search volume of keywords;
  • Clearly display the high-frequency words in the keyword list to help you quickly focus on the core keywords;
  • Intuitively display the product pictures corresponding to the search terms, you can determine the relevance of your search terms and products; you can also click on the product pictures to view the keywords and CPC words set by competitors so that you know yourself and others;
  • You can view the keywords and CPC keywords corresponding to Listing by entering the competitor’s ASIN code;
  • The Amazon sites it currently supports are the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom.


The green icon can roughly determine the search volume of keywords.



The keyword search is free, and some features pay.

The characteristics of this tool are:

  • It covers a wide range, mainly including Amazon, Google, Youtube, Bing, eBay, app store;
  • You can use the “filter results” function to research in the search results list to quickly locate the target keywords;
  • Negative keywords through “negative keywords”, you can add up to five negative words, after setting, keywords containing negative words will not appear in the list of keywords on the right, you can filter some unrelated keywords;
  • The free-to-use function will only display keywords related suggestions. If you want to know more about search volume, popularity, CPC bidding, competition, etc., you need to upgrade.

keywordtool wireless doorbell




The main features of this analysis tool are:

  • The platforms involved are very wide: amazon, youtube, google, Wikipedia, eBay, Fiverr, etc, multi-channel access to keywords;
  • You can select keywords that match your needs from the keyword list retrieved, add them to the list on the right, and generate an excel table, which greatly improves the efficiency of collecting keywords.

keyword wireless doorbell


#4. KTD(Keyword tool dominator)


Amazon keyword:

The main features of this tool are:

  • The included keyword search platforms are amazon, google, youtube, bing, eBay, google shopping, etc;
  • The Amazon sites involved are very comprehensive. You can take a look at the sites listed in the picture below. You can retrieve the keywords entered by customers on the Amazon homepage search box on each site;
  • The “rank” function is based on the position of the keyword, showing you the keyword index ranking, generally 1-10, 1 means the most popular search;
  • You can select the keywords that meet your needs from the retrieved keyword list, add them to the list on the right, and download the selected keyword list;
  • The free version can only be searched three times a day. If you do n’t want to pay, take advantage of these three-word search opportunities.

KTD wireless doorbell


#5. Scientific seller


Features of this keyword analysis tool:

Display Amazon Buyer Keywords related to search terms;

Display all the words related to the search term (Stuff Words);

Intuitively display the word frequency of each word with numbers, allowing you to grab the most searched and most critical words at the fastest speed;

By clicking the close icon on the left, you can filter unwanted words (stuff words). After closing, all the keywords that do not appear in the amazon buyer keywords column appear;

As long as you don’t click the “pause” button, the keywords will continue to be searched, so when you think it’s almost the same, just pause and keep looking at the loading icon, which is indeed quite annoying.

It can only search the USA Amazon keywords, If you want to search the other Amazon keywords except for the USA, you have to pay it.

seller wireless doorbell


#6. keyword spy


This tool is not mainly aimed at the Amazon shopping search platform. Its data is mainly based on the Google search engine, but you can refer to some of the data indicators in it. If you study it carefully, you will still benefit a lot.

The main features of this tool:

  • “Related” displays words related to the search. These words can give you inspiration because when we are looking for keywords, we can not always be limited to one subject word, we need to expand more related words, the words recommended here may give you More inspiration
  • “Similar” displays similar words of the search term, which is also an expansion of keywords, which can help you collect more related keywords;
  • “Misspell” shows the common misspellings of keywords. Although Amazon does not recommend sellers to put the misspelled words in the listing, in order to maximize the traffic and misspellings with high frequency, you can also consider the layout as appropriate;
  • “Organic competitors” indicates on which websites this keyword appears, what is this help for everyone? That is, you can see how many websites are doing this type of product, and the keyword popularity can be judged by the number of keywords and CPC bidding;

At the same time, for the given websites, we can further analyze which keywords are used for similar products on these websites, there will be unexpected gains!


Related wireless doorbell


similar wireless doorbell

Organic Competitors

organic competitors doorbell


#7 Merchantwords


This is the only paid tool introduced in this article. The data of each site can be bought separately, about US$15-30 per month; it can also be purchased on the entire site, US$149 per month.

The biggest feature of Merchantwords is that the site is more comprehensive. Secondly, you can see the specific search volume of each keyword. For those who like quantitative research, you will like this style very much. But don’t rely too much on the data here, all analysis tools cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data 100%!

Not much to say about other features, what I have already said is clear.

By the way, when searching for keywords in other small language sites, it is recommended that the search terms also be in small languages, and the search results will be different.


All amazon websites’ keyword searches.

merchantwords amazon


#8. Amazon homepage search box keyword suggestions

The above introduces so many tools. In terms of accuracy, it is not as accurate as the data given by Amazon’s own platform, so in the process of keyword research, the keyword suggestions in the Amazon homepage search box are what you must refer to.

For example, if you enter the keyword “iPhone case”, the drop-down list will automatically display related keywords with high search volume. These words are all listed by the Amazon A9 algorithm, which represents the real needs of the buyer. Okay.

Amazon wireless doorbell

#9 Soovle

The tool described below is very powerful, collecting keyword search data from about 16 platforms, including amazon, google, bing, yahoo, Wikipedia, eBay, Wal-Mart, Aliexpress, etc.

Tell everyone about the specific steps used, super simple!


step1. Visit:

step2. In the search box, enter keywords, hot words and CPC bids in the search box of each platform will be displayed, you can pay more attention to some shopping sites, such as eBay, Wal-Mart, etc.

how to use soovle

step3. You will see all the search result. For example, we search: wireless doorbell

soovle wireless doorbell search

#10 Google Keyword Planner


Very easy to use this tool, It’s free also.

You just need to have a Gmail.

google ads keyword plan

If any help, please email me:

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